It’s been a long time

21 Mar

Gosh it’s been a year since I have posted anything and so much has happened in the past year. In October I had to have Happy put to sleep he was 16.5years old. Last Month Bebe had a cancerous tumor removed from her hip. I started a Go Fund Me site to help pay for her expenses but so far I have only received $20 in donations. I quit volunteering at the Spay and Neuter Veterinary Hospital in December and have been enjoying life as it comes. I am still creating my digital artwork and will have to add a lot of them to this blog so you can see what I have been creating. There is so much more but this is where I will start and stop for today.
68 Dragon Lady 8.19.12Here is a link to Bebe’s page

I Hate Vertigo

13 Mar

This darn Vertigo has been going on since April 7, 2012, soon to be two  years Of  vertigo almost all the time. Oh yeah there have been a few weeks  that it goes away during that two years but not that often. I can manage to get in two weeks in a row of Yoga then it come back. Last night for instance I got out of bed and started to step over the dog and lost my balance (vertigo) and fell slamming my collar bone into the open folding closet door, landing on my behind on the dog bed, Luck for the dog he wasn’t on his bed but on the floor next to it. last year I had 4 of the Vestibular Manipulation  (Epley Maneuvers)Treatments at the Physical Therapist, Nope didn’t help. My ear have been ringing now for several months I have no idea if it has anything to do with the Vertigo, I plan to ask my Doctor when I go at the end of this month, (I better write that down or I will forgot to ask). Image

Time to brag a bit

18 Jan

Oh yeah, it is definitely time to brag a little bit. As of today I am down 41.6 lb and 38.5 inches. I have gone from a 40 inch waist to 28 inches. I haven’t had a 28 inch waist in about 30 years, I really feel like I have accomplished something wonderful. I feel great so today I bought another pair of size 10 jeans so I will have something to change into that isn’t too big for me and falling off. Also I can bend much easier when doing yoga, my belly no longer gets in the way. So I need to go to Yoga class more often now that the Vertigo has calmed down. I am still working on not spending so much time on the computer and have starting a crochet project that I will have completed before very much time goes by. I am reading a Book by Gwen Cooper called Love Saves the Day that was a gift for Christmas. Thank you Stephanie. OK I am all through bragging.

4 Tangles 1.11.14

Resolutions for 2014

2 Jan

I usually don’t bother to make any  New Years resolutions, but this year I really need to get my act together and spend less time on the computer and more time doing other things. I’ve only read parts of 1 book in the last year, I will read more books this year. I’ve been procrastinating on  doing my hobbies, crocheting, making jewelry, learning more about knitting,  I do need to use my computer to make more graphics and stationery. I don’t need to  stay on Facebook for hours reading  the postings there. I also plan on losing just a few more pounds and  doing a more intense workout at the gym i.e. turn up the resistance on the machines.  Sensa has rocked my world with this 40 lb weight loss so I will continue to use Sensa product.



Happy New Year

29 Dec

Here it is  another year  gone, another year older. We had a great Christmas with family on both sides. Keith’s side came on the  22nd to have Brunch with us and then gifting. Daughter In law  is Pregnant with twins due in July that will make 3 grand children for Keith. n  Christmas eve we traveled to California to have Christmas with my son Gilbert and his family.  Our dog Bebe will be 13 year old on the 1st.  She seems to be doing well even with her heart problem. Happy the male dog is now 15½ and his age is really showing.  I can’t help but wonder how much longer we are going to get to have these two wonderful creatures with us. The cast got a cat pole for Christmas, they sure do love that pole. It is infused with catnip so they rub all over the pole.



Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

24 Nov

I have so many things to be thankful for. I am 40  lbs lighter than I was two years ago and 20 lbs lighter than I was this time last year. I am thankful for the weight I have lost, the way I feel and the way I look. I am thankful that Jesus lives inside my heart, He watches over me 24/7/365.  I am thankful to have a roof over my head, food to eat, a man who loves me unconditionally, five precious animals  to love and care for, two dogs and three cats, who also love me unconditionally.  I am thankful for my children and their families. I am thankful to to have eyes that see, ears to hear, a voice to speak, hands to reach out and touch others, feet and legs that take me where I need to go. I am thankful have God given talents, everyone get some of those. I am thankful to be a volunteer at S/nipped spay and neuter clinic, where I get to love on and take care of the animals when they come out of surgery. I hope everyone who reads this stops a moment to remember all the things they are thankful for. Please leave me a comment so I know this post is  being read. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


I Feel Great

6 Nov

I haven’t felt this good in many years. I’ve lost 37.4 lbs using Sensa, my knees don’t hurt any more so I quit taking pain medication. I am breathing easier and I don’t get as tired when I go to the gym. My workouts usually last about 30 minutes going around the circuit then ending with 5-10 minutes on the stationery bicycle. My breathing has improved by doing the Qi Gong and Yoga breathing exercises. I am happy with my weight at this time but if I lose more or don’t lose any more I will be just as happy.  The one problem is that all my clothes I had previously are now way too big for me. I’m now in a size 10 jeans and medium to large top depending on the style, My scrub tops are mediums, I even had to buy new bras, the old ones were too big around. So if any one needs some nice extra large blouses, and tops email me your address and they are yours.

I call this creation Lady in the Mist.


It just keeps coming off

2 Oct

I have lost 3 more pounds, so the grand total today is 36 lbs gone forever. I feel so good and so healthy; my knee doesn’t hurt anymore, my clothes are smaller sizes, I love it. It’s been a long time since I have been in smaller size, close to 20 years, except for a few years when my weight dropped drastically due to some bad choices I made.
It has been raining here off an on since the weekend. We had a pretty bad storm with the wind leaving tree branches downed in the back yard, there has been some spotty sun occasionally and the temperatures are sure getting cooler.
On another subject I don’t much like what is going on in DC. Why cant the president, senators and congressmen have a conference and do some compromising? Better yet they should all be required to drop their Federally subsidized insurance and sign up for Obamacare. The taxpayers are paying for the subsidy anyway so they are all just pocketing the money; their income is such that they can afford to buy their own insurance.

62 Fantasy Unicorn 9.19.13

Wet Saturday

28 Sep

Yes it is wet out there but not as wet as it is going to get. We have a big storm coming in with lots of rain and wind, I just hope the power stays on. I went for my 6 month Doctor appointment this week. My doctor is very happy about my weight loss and said it will stay off because it has taken me 18 months to reach my goal, I have since lost a little bit more; I don’t want to lose very much more maybe another 5-10 lbs. She gave me a steroid injection in the Trochanteric Bursa that has been giving me so much pain for the last year or more; I had refused the injection up until now. She also prescribed the generic for Procardia for the Primary Reynaud’s disease in my left hand, hopefully this very low dose will do the job of keeping my fingers from getting so numb.

Happy is doing well although from now on the vet will be doing his exams while Happy is still in the car, going into the office only every 3 months to be weighed. He can’t walk on the floors any more he slips and slides eventually going down and can’t get back up. I bought him a new harness that goes on his back-end, it is for handicapped dogs to help them to stay up on all fours. I will be trying it on him and practicing with him wearing it soon here at home before taking him out wearing the harness. He is now 15.5 years old.

Halloween is coming soon so I have been making some Halloween graphics.


My Success Story

7 Sep

Sensa is not a diet it is a life changing lifestyle.

I started my Sensa journey on 29 March 2012 my weight was 183, I didn’t like the way I looked and I didn’t like the belly fat. When I looked in the mirror I looked like I was pregnant. I had seen Sensa advertised online for months and decided “what the heck” I think I will check this stuff out, it says I can try it free for 30 days”. So that began a wonderful journey of weight loss and feeling good about myself, the way I looked and did wonders for my self esteem.

Before I began to use Sensa I had tried portion control; I tried another wight management six week program. At that time I weighed 174, I managed to get down to 163 by the end of that six weeks. I never tried any of the fad diets, although I sure did my share of looking at them and wishing I could afford to at least try some of them. I had been going to a local woman’s gym to work out for 3 years but didn’t lose any weight.

I soon began to gain back what I lost when I met my boyfriend and started cooking for him. I had been doing pretty well on a diet of hardly any meat, mostly veggies and complex carbs. When I started cooking for him and I was again eating more meats, fats, mashed potatoes, cakes and ice cream. That was only on weekends for a year so I gained about 10 lbs during that year.

Then I moved to Oregon to live, more overeating not watching what I ate nor my caloric intake. I had continued working out prior to my move and started yoga after I moved here. I continued to pack on the pounds. Three years ago I joined another woman’s only gym and I still continued to gain weight. When I got to 180lbs, I told myself if I go over 180 I’m sure I will end up a diabetic or something just as bad. My knees just couldn’t take any more weight.

I had seen Sensa advertised when I checked my email, on Facebook, and the advertisement seemed to pop up every where I went online. When I looked at the scale and saw 183 that was it. It was now time to do something about the weight. I didn’t like that my son had told me I looked pregnant, I had big time belly fat and a thick middle, I don’t even think I could see my waist anymore. I was wearing baggy tee shirts to hide the belly fat.

I clicked on the Sensa ad and watched the video with Dana Devon, I read everything I could read about Sensa. I went to the order form to order it, read everything there as well and placed my order, I have been so happy that I relented and placed that order. There is no going back just forward.

Sensa has rocked my world, I can once again be happy I don’t have to wear those baggy clothes to hide my body. Lately I have started to wear form fitting shirts and tucking in my shirt and wear the low rider jeans. I love my slimmer body and I am having the time of my life enjoying the self esteem Sensa has given me. So far I have lost 30lbs 38.5 inches and I my scale is still going downward as I approach my first goal. I even bought a cute little dress that I can’t wait to wear when I reach my goal.

My doctor is very pleased with me using the Sensa tastants and the Sensa complete vitamins, she has read all the literature that I have provided about Sensa. She is also pleased that I am eating healthier, and making better choices about my food. My cholesterol is now under control at a total of 145. It has never been so low. I love Sensa and all that it help me with and do. I am fuller faster, I have more portion control, I am eating slower and drinking lots of water. I am now in a size 10!!

Dr. Hirsch is my Hero thank you for inventing Sensa

5.9.13 lg